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Model: BOOK09
Product descriptionSpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN9789604710485Dimensions21 cm. x 21 cm.LanguageGreekAmount of pages32..
Model: BOOK75
Product descriptionThe wolf is looking for a way with his friend the bear to get the honey from the hives without being stung by the bees.But fate will play a strange game for them, which will teach them that in order to get what they want, they must first give...SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISB..
Model: BOOK68
Product descriptionBaby Touch and Feel Bear BookSpecificationsCover pageHardcoverISBN978-960-593-672-3Dimensions17 cm. x 17 cm.LanguageGREEKAmount of pages12..
Model: BOOK41
Product descriptionAn excited Duck wants to hang out with Bear. But Bear’s gone fishing for a whole week and is happy to finally get a second alone.What will Duck do while Bear is gone? How will he survive without his best pal?!SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-569-850-8Dimensions23 cm. x..
Model: BOOK71
Product descriptionA mouse decided it was the perfect house to stay.So do other forest animals. So does a big bear.But does everyone really fit in the wooden house?SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-569-599-6Dimensions30 cm. x 22 cm.LanguageGreekAmount of pages32..
God made you Special - Mammoth World Publicing House - Translation
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Model: BOOK44
Product descriptionIn the books of this wonderful series, a lovable, lively teddy bear talks to children about the love of mommy and daddy, the importance of friendship and his experiences growing up.A book about uniqueness and self-confidence!SpecificationsCover pageHardcoverISBN978-960-593-395-1Di..
Model: BOOK42
Product descriptionBear is exhausted. All he wants is to go to sleep.Duck is wide awake. All he wants is to hang out . . . with Bear.Will Bear ever be able to catch some ZZZ’s?SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-569-639-9Dimensions23 cm. x 28 cm.LanguageGreekAmount of pages40..
Model: BOOK76
Product descriptionBear can't wait to spend a pleasant day by himself. But his persistent next-door neighbor, Duck, wants to take a morning stroll . . . with Bear.He just wants Bear to like him already. . .Jory John, author of Penguin Problems and The Bad Seed, and Benji Davies, creator of The Storm..
Model: BOOK17
Product descriptionA bittersweet fairy tale of a small wolf coming of age ,while loosing his family and pack,facing all kind of dangers and loneliness.But during this adventure of growing up,new friends come along,a new pack and the hope of a better days.From 4 years oldSpecificationsCover pagehardc..
Model: BOOK47
Product descriptionIn the books of this wonderful series, a lovable, lively teddy bear talks to children about the love of mom and dad, the importance of friendship and his experiences growing up. In this book the clever little hero introduces us to his wonderful friends!SpecificationsCover pageHard..
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