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Model: BOOK73
Product descriptionZacharias the wolf is walking in his beautiful forest when he discovers that someone is uprooting the trees!Who destroys the forest of the wolf Zachariah and his friends?SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-484-796-9Dimensions21 cm. x 21 cm.Amount of pages40..
Model: BOOK72
Product descriptionOne happy, the other sad, then angry or excited.The wolf Zacharias changes his mood every three or so times, and his friends don't know what to do with him anymore. It is obvious: Zacharias will be calmer if he manages to express his feelings. But first he must learn to recognize ..
Model: BOOK57
Product descriptionOne little lamb. Four hungry wolves. And a forest full of animals out to save the day. But sometimes things are not always what they seem…SpecificationsCover pageHardcoverISBN978-960-593-313-5Dimensions26 cm. x 23 cm.LanguageGREEKAmount of pages32..
Two Bears
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Model: BOOK48
Product descriptionDiscover what happens when two bears who are worlds apart embark on the journeys of a lifetime and find that sometimes differences are only skin-deep.SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-593-417-0Dimensions28 cm. x 22.5 cm.LanguageGreekAmount of pages32..
Model: BOOK55
Product descriptionIt's bedtime in the forest, but Wolf is WIDE AWAKE. No matter what he tries, he just can't get to sleep! There's only one explanation: sleep must be hiding! But where could it be? And will Wolf EVER find it?SpecificationsCover pagehardcoverISBN978-960-593-439-2Dimensions28 cm. x 2..
Model: BOOK63
Product description"I'm the first teddy bear with a stroller. Now I can walk without getting hurt. I can look for hidden fruits and tasty treats among the bushes. I can splash in the pool! I'm crazy about water toys!I can also go to where the other bears staying at the shelter live."The "strongest t..
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